Chrissy Teigen Just Got So F**king Graphic About Giving Birth And Everyone Is Applauding

This week, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend announced the arrival of their baby boy on Twitter.

The two parents, who already have a daughter–Luna Simone–welcomed their son Miles Theodore. Teigen shared an adorable photo of their son on her Instagram page and he truly is perfect.

Teigen, of course, being the open and honest person she always is, shared some intimate details about giving birth that all mothers relate to. First, she shared that Miles did not rip her butthole (unlike her daughter, Luna).

A lot of moms were praising Teigen for being so honest and sharing their own feelings about “ripping your booty” when giving birth.

Then, Teigen also uploaded a photo to her Instagram where she seems to be breastfeeding her son and wearing those “hospital panties” they send all new moms home with. She also shouted out comedian Ali Wong who has a hilarious new special on Netflix where she jokes about the “joys” of being a new mother.

Teigen’s followers were forever grateful to the model and TV show host for being so candid and real about being a mom.