If You’re In A Long-Term Relationship, You’ve Definitely Done These 28 Things

Everyone knows the longer we’re in a relationship, the more we feel comfortable being our gross, weird and awkward selves around our partners. In the beginning, we try to look our absolute best to impress our partner. We hide our quirky habits, we don’t pick our teeth at the table – we barely even fart in front of them. Fast-forward to a year or two later, you’re having a conversation with your SO while you’re peeing with the door wide open in your small apartment – things change. It’s a universal truth that the more comfortable we get overtime, the more we become gross, nasty and horrible people – just kidding, kind of. But, if you’ve been with your partner for quite some time, there’s a solid chance you’ve done the majority – if not all – of these things.

1. Farting in front of them – or, even trying to “dutch oven” them when you fart in bed.

We all fart, let’s face it, it’s a normal bodily function. But, when you’re really comfortable with someone, you discuss your farts as if they’re science projects – like telling your BF something “died” inside you because it smells so bad.

2. Pointing out that they have a huge booger in their nose and sometimes even trying to pick it for them.

Sure, it sounds gross but sometimes they keep missing it when they try to get it themselves. And, we have a better point of view than they do of their own bogeys – so why not just get it yourself?

3. Asking them if you have any food in your teeth and proceeding to pick it out with your fingers at the dinner table.

Long gone are the days where you’ll excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and check if you have something in your teeth, instead you show off whatever is lodged between your front teeth and pick it out with your fingers, who has time to grab floss?

4. Grabbing food off of their plate with your bare hands, even at a restaurant.

If you love each other, you share food with each other – even if that means you’re so excited to try their curly fries that you bare-hand that sh*t at a 5-star restaurant. No time to scoop up nachos with a fork, no time to cut a piece of his steak with your knife. Nope. Bare-hand that b*tch.

5. Peeing, pooping or doing anything in the bathroom with the door wide open.

Some couples think it’s unsanitary and takes the “romance” out of a relationship if you go to the bathroom with the door open, but sometimes I gotta go in the middle of a show or a conversation and I need to hear some things that the door will block out. Plus, sometimes I run out of toilet paper and need my man to bring me a new roll. That’s love.