If You’re In A Long-Term Relationship, You’ve Definitely Done These 28 Things

6. Popping their pimples, ingrown hairs or blackheads.

You can’t reach every single zit – especially the ones on your back. So, that’s why we have our partners in our lives, to help us get to those places we can’t reach. And, they always get super excited when it’s a “good one.” *cringes*

7. Shaving those “hard to reach” places for them (like your boyfriend’s back).

Sometimes, guys can’t reach those “hard-to-reach” places to shave but want to look nice when you two head to the beach with friends. If you’re a true GF, you’ll help him shave his back. Yeah, it’s kind of hairy and kind of nasty but you do it because you love him.

8. Knowing they have terrible morning breath, but kissing them when you wake up anyway.

We all have horrible, horrible morning breath – even if we floss, brush and mouthwash before bed. It’s only human nature. But, we still kiss our partners hello in the morning and then roast them for how bad their breath smells – like a baby’s asshole after they just soiled themselves.

9. Openly admitting neither of you has showered for 3 days in a row.

Some weekends, you two will stay in and pretend the entire world doesn’t exist outside of your apartment, so, you mostly veg out and eat 5,000 calories a day while binge-watching a movie marathon or new TV series. Who has time to shower in between that? Not I.

10. Making weird or unfortunate noises in the middle of sex with no remorse.

Sometimes noises slip out in the middle of sex. Sure, in the beginning, you may be embarrassed or uncomfortable that you squeaked a bunch in the middle of intercourse, but after you’re together for a while, it all becomes equally laughable and humorous. Like, if your partner rips ass in the middle of sex.