If You’re In A Long-Term Relationship, You’ve Definitely Done These 28 Things

21. Tweezing your nipple hair in front of him.

Every girl gets nipple hair, it’s no giant secret. But, the true form of “comfort” is when you tweeze your nipple hair in front of your partner, or even talk to him about it and show him how long they are. Chances are, he’s probably the one who made fun of you and made you tweeze them in the first place.

22. Cleaning up each other’s puke when you’re sick or drank too much.

At one point or another, you or your partner will get sick in front of each other and they probably need you to hold back their hair or help them clean up the puke next to the bed. It’s gross and it smells but you love them and that means you grab the Swiffer and clean up that vomit, pronto.

23. Leaving the toilet unflushed if you go in the middle of the night so you don’t wake them.

The toilet in our apartment is so f*cking loud, it sounds like you’re being sucked into another dimension when it flushes. In the middle of the night, I leave my urine brewing in their because if I do flush it, I’ll wake up my BF. He does the same. Even if that means we’re greeted with a bunch of pee in the morning.

24. Having sex even when you haven’t showered, or you’re sick.

Sick sex is the best cure to any virus. Or, maybe the best way to spread a virus. Either way, you do it.

25. Doing silly naked dances in front of each other when you’re getting dressed or out of the shower.

Whenever you’re going to get dressed or you’re getting out of the shower you two probably like to make each other laugh by doing ridiculous or awkward dances when we’re butt naked. It seems kind of stupid, but trust me, it’s hilarious.

26. Taking care of them when they’re sick, even if that means touching all their snotty tissues or bringing them Imodium when they’re having waterfalls out their ass.

When your partner is sick, you’re going to be on nurse duty no matter what that entails. Sometimes you’ll have to hold the bowl for them when they need soup, you’ll have to make the tea, you’ll clean up all their dirty tissues – whatever they need, you’ll be getting for them.

27. Sharing the same bar of soap.

If you live together, you probably use the same bar of soap and shampoo and whatnot. So, it’s probably true that the bar of soap your boyfriend uses to wash his butt will be all up on your face. Delicious.

28. Cleaning up their “splash” on the bathroom floor.

Guys splash – everywhere. And, no one wants to step in pee all of the time. I’m sure you’ll end up cleaning up your fair share of piss sooner or later.