The 33 Most Savage Celebrity Clap Backs Of 2017

When you’re a celebrity in the spotlight, there’s a solid chance that you’re going to get dragged, attacked, and called out all over social media for the most menial stuff. Let’s face it, fans can be pretty petty and forget that celebrities are actual people who have lives outside of their profession. But, we have nothing better to do with our own lives than sit on a computer/phone and tweet obscene things at celebs we will probably never meet or know personally–exhilirating. Thankfully, some celebs have no time for our garbage and don’t let our bull slide. Instead, they hit us back twice as hard and give us a true reason to be thankful.

1. When Lili Reinhart dragged body shamers who were concerned about her weight:

2. And, when she roasted a fan who called her and the Riverdale cast rude for being uncomfortable with them “attacking” them.

3. When Cher completely annihilated a fan who called her a liar.

4. When Finn Wolfhard shut down model James Charles for being on his phone during a movie.

5. When Jennifer Lopez shut down rumors that she photoshops her Instagram photos.