Finn Wolfhard Releases A Powerful Twitter Statement Standing Up For His ‘Stranger Things’ Castmates

“Stranger Things” has become one of the most popular shows in the country basically overnight. The Sci-Fi thriller that features some really young actors has become a fan favorite amongst people of all ages. But, fans forget just how young the main actors in this show really are. The guys are all in their early teens (13,14) and Millie Bobby Brown is only 13-years-old. While we’re obsessed with them like any other actor/actress, it’s also important to realize they’re just kids. Recently, people were attacking Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, on Twitter for not greeting fans when leaving a hotel. His castmates came to his defense basically saying no actor or actress owes you anything and they are not obligated to stop and meet you or take pictures with you – preach. Many other people came to Finn’s defense – because, actors are people too and sometimes, they need breaks to live their regular lives.

But, many other people online came down on Finn’s co-stars for standing up for him. Even Sophie Turner, our beloved Sansa Stark, defended the 14-year-old. And, now, Finn has issued a powerful statement on Twitter defending himself and his co-stars saying:

That’s pretty smart and strong statements coming from someone so young. Obviously, no actor owes you anything – they give you enough by simply doing their job. And, if you really want to meet them and get photos – there are events specifically for that in their schedules. Numerous shows and agencies have “meet and greets” for actors, at conventions, stores, etc. Stopping people on the street or out to dinner when they’re trying to be regular people is wrong. I really question people who do that – they are not always “working.” It’s not fair to assume they will just stop and want to do things for you when they’re “off duty.”

Many people took to Twitter to applaud Finn and his maturity – because, honestly, how is this kid only 14-years-old? Also, people were shocked at how horrible fans were treating these kids.