Twitter Is In Tears Over Finn Wolfhard Accidentally Drinking From A Bidet

If you’re a human being with a pulse living on this Earth (or maybe stuck in the upside down) you’ve seen the show Stranger Things. The Netflix original series has united basically every clique from high school to come together and finally appreciate the same show. The nerds, the jocks, the popular girls and the band geeks all agree that the show rates an Eleven out of ten (so punny). While we love the show for its twists, turns, and excitement, we also love the show because the actors are just so damn good, no matter how young they may be. Seriously, how can a bunch of kids be this talented? I’m not sure. But, they basically kill it every time. Plus, they’re adorable. So adorable, we don’t know how to treat them like, well, adults.

Take Mike aka Finn Wolfhard for example. Finn was minding his own business in France when he accidentally drank out of what he thought was a water fountain but what was actually a bidet. For those of you who are uncultured swines and don’t know what a bidet is – well – it cleans your butt. Like this:

Finn tweeted out that he drank from France’s “water fountain” and had a few questions:

To have my boy Finn’s back a bit – they don’t really look like butt cleaners. Some of them really just look like regular old sinks.

But, Finn found out that the toilet fountain was actually a Bidet.

And, he then looked up what a bidet is and, was not happy.

You have to remember, these kids are pretty young even if they do have more money than I’ll ever make. I don’t expect any preteen to know what a bidet is, unless they live in a country where bidets are all the rage – which is so not America.