27 People Confess Exactly What It’s Like To Work In An ‘Adult Store’

25. brokenboomerang:

There was a big plug that I dubbed “the doorstop” and I actually used it as such. A couple comes in and the wife exclaims “that’s it! that’s what I was telling you about!”

I figured they’re buying a gag gift and showed them to where the we kept the full selection. Realizing it was a little tense and figuring the husband was uncomfortable, I started trying to make small talk to lighten the mood. He completely ignored me then suddenly turned on his wife and started screaming about how he’s not going to pay that much for something she can’t even take all of. They proceed to loudly fight about just how much she can/can’t fit up her bum. I honestly thought it was a joke for the first few seconds and laughed until I saw how red the guy’s face had gotten.

They fought for a good 10 minutes before he gave in and bought it for her as she thanked him profusely and promised she’d prove that she could handle it.

I was horrified.

26. ayyyylmao6:

Pretty simple, guy comes into the store, asks for a box of condoms (of the smaller variety) pays for it. All well and good up to this point. Next minute, guy whips this huge dick out, tries to squeeze it in this tiny condom, doesn’t fit obviously.

The guy proceeds to take the tiny portion of his fucking horse cock out and put the condom in the wrapper and back in the box and gives it back to the store owner, demanding a refund.

First and last time I ever entered a shop like that.

27. imnotarobotadinner:

I know a woman who used to sell tickets back in the days of actual porno theaters. She worked a place that was open 24 hours a day, and so it took about a day before anyone realized the guy sitting quietly by himself in one of the rows was dead.