27 People Confess Exactly What It’s Like To Work In An ‘Adult Store’

15. abloodycookie:

Former Strip club manager/ dildo salesman extrodinaire here. We had video booths and a theater as well as a full toy and video store attached to our club. I had just started at the club as a cleaner. This was around 11pm on a Friday night. I had to do hourly checks of the booths to keep them clean and sanitary. I walk down the hallway and an older guy goes into a booth and I hear a buzzing start to come from it. This was not unusual. I get my supplies, start to clean, and make my way back down the hallway. Lo and behold the door to the booth is open and the lube covered vibrator is sitting on the floor still buzzing the fuck away. I go back to the supply room to grab the dustpan and reevaluate my life choices, come back to the booth and the fucking vibrator is gone. Good news for me. The guy forgot his toy and came back to grab it. I continue my cleaning and I hear the buzzing again. Now I’m thinking either we had two people in a row grab themselves a vibrator or my horny customer decided a change of booths for some reason. I’m all done except for this one booth at this point. I figure I’ll clean the bathroom, and then come back to that last booth. I do my cleaning thing, walk out and there’s a different fucking guy coming out the booth I heard the buzzing coming from. I stop for a minute as this guy walks out. My man saw a used vibrator on the motherfucking nasty cum stained floor of a jerk off booth, and decided it would be a great idea to take it and fuck himself with it. I can’t decide whether I want to cry or throw up or both. I do what a true professional does; Make sure my fucking gloves are on tight and go to clean this goddamn booth before I go eat a bullet. I open the door and there it is. The fucking vibrator once again sitting on the floor.

The theater was just a cesspool of filth and depravity. The worst was a guy we named priest, because he was a fucking CATHOLIC PRIEST, who would bring a prostitute with him every couple weeks, and watch while every guy who was willing fucked the stuffing out of her for a few hours before leaving with her. That theater was my own personal hell.

16. kutthr0atb1tch:

I used to work in an adult store during my early college years, at the time I was still living at home and parents thought I was working in a shoe store. Well, one day I was working the door checking IDs of people who came in when who of all people but MY PARENTS walk through the door. I had to check their IDs too. What’s funny is that they were divorced when this happened but I was too mortified to ask them what they were doing shopping there together. Dad made me quit, oh the hypocrisy.

17. TheLastPolycorn :

I worked at one in as a freshman for the 2002 summer, before internet porn was adopted by the mid-late aged crowd. We posted a public schedule of when which employee would work and at least 20 people would call in each Sunday to check when one or two people would be working, which I found weird but it’s a great job for studying on the clock. I later learned they were the coworkers who would watch you jack off in the video booths for an extra couple bucks… I also got to make a great first impression on a lot of my professors.

18. gnarsify :

A little late to the game, but my wife used to work at an adult store when we first started dating. She has lots of stories, both creepy and funny but this is my favorite.

The store she worked at was open until the bars closed, so she often dealt with drunks leaving the nearby bars. One night a middle aged guy walked in and was looking to rent a DVD. After asking my wife a few questions and putting on a super creepy vibe he picks a couple porns to rent. While she is ringing him up the guy starts inspecting some skimpy lingerie on display near the cash register. After a few minutes he says,

“You would look pretty good in something like this. Would you ever wear it?”

Now, my wife has a really sharp wit and doesn’t put up with much shit. So without missing a beat she replies,

“Sir, if I wore that my dick would hang out.”

The guy’s eyes got real wide and he just turns around and walks out leaving his money and DVDs behind.

19. holaquetaltio:

Every Friday I had a customer buy the torso of a woman, 300$, and would drive around the corner, chew the labia off, and wedge it under our dumpster.

Every Friday