27 People Confess Exactly What It’s Like To Work In An ‘Adult Store’

11. Iborgulos:

Older lady comes in and tries to return a remote control vibrator saying it doesn’t work. My brother, after putting on latex gloves, grabs the remote control and puts new batteries in it. With the fresh batteries installed my brother presses the “go” button and instantly the older woman lets out a moan and says, in what my brother called a old smokers voice, “oh yah it’s working now!!!l”.

12. boxedtuna:

I have been flashed MANY penises. And you’d be surprised at how many men stroke themselves through their pants while browsing.

But all the fun and gross stories come from our “video arcade”. That’s code for “glory hole haven”

13. bleakprophet:

Found during a stock take a double ended penis pump, which was pretty weird.

Had a customer come in, I asked if I could help and he said ‘No thanks, I don’t speak any English. I’m just here to get something for my brother’. He grabbed the most expensive replica pussy there was and paid cash – about $700.

Had two Irish guys come in first thing in the morning. They’d been out all night and my shop was the first place to open. They looked around for a bit then one of them said ‘Hey, you got somewhere here we can rack up some lines of speed?’. I was about to point them to the toilet when his mate punched him in the arm and said ‘You don’t be so fucking rude. You ask the man if he’d like to have some speed with us!’. Closed up the shop, turned the security camera off and they racked up some lines on the counter.

14. Iamnotapyro:

On my first day, I watched a young dude return a used metal cock cage because the urethral sound didn’t fit in the cage properly, and made him bleed. My coworker then slapped gloves on, and started trying to reassemble it to troubleshoot.

A couple once left their young children in a car alone to come shop. One of the toddlers ran into the store (which is illegal: no minors on the premises), yelling for his daddy. They were asked to escort their child out.

I’ve also had customers offer me drugs on the job.

I regret nothing about getting into this field.