These Insanely Petty Exes Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

How could he, elled4?

“My ex locked me out of my own iPad for 43 years.”

Meme-threatening is a new low, lovetempests:

One guy would send me super angry texts for months after our breakup saying “you’re a b*tch” and “have fun being a meme for the rest of your life!”.

We were dating for two weeks!!!!!!

Hey bootychug, does this legally qualify as…battery?

After I moved out, he found my apartment and stole the battery out of my car so I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. We lived in a super small town, so he didn’t have to look very far, unfortunately.

That’s not petty THAT’S MURDER Cromium_kate:

He killed my fish by dumping dish soap in my fish tank. It was a bubbly smelly mess.

Also, he broke all my jewelry and punched several holes in the wall that same day. I was more upset about the fish, though, because who the fuck does that?

Lol. I wish I had more backstory, TheMeatMenace:

Stole my shoes so I couldn’t get on the plane.