These Insanely Petty Exes Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

ATTA GIRL, metrofairy.

“After a year of marriage, I found out that my husband had been cheating on me. So, while he was moving out, I poured out his bottle of liquid Cialis and refilled it with water.”

That’s just karma, cudavlied:

He took my name off the car insurance. I found out when the amended policy arrived at my house, after I’d been driving HIS children around uninsured in it and could have been in serious trouble.

I then equally pettily removed his name from the breakdown cover. I didn’t expect his car to pack up on the motorway in pouring rain with his elderly parents in the car. The company wouldn’t come out and he had to fend for himself.

Can’t gummypikachus get him arrested for this?

“My ex sent me a 13-minute long video of him setting fire to everything of mine I left at his apartment. He used gasoline and everything.”

I actually respect thegirlnamedisla‘s ex for this:

“After I broke up with my first high school boyfriend, he left messages on my desk with misspelled words and incorrect grammar, knowing how irritated I would be, as it was (and still is) one of my biggest pet peeves.”

Ok daniellet4e464cff0, I’m sorry but this level of savagery deserves an award:

“When we broke up, he was a senior and I was a junior. I didn’t take it well and cried pretty heavily when we had the talk. Our high school had a ‘Senior Will’, where seniors could gift things like ‘health’ and ‘prosperity’ to their lower-classmen friends. My ex gifted me a box of fucking tissues.”