These Insanely Petty Exes Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

nisham449182aba‘s boyfriend will be blaming the dryer for eternity:

“My boyfriend’s ex knew how much he loved those expensive Nike socks that are designed specifically for each foot and labeled with an L and R. When they broke up, she stole all his left socks.”

This might’ve been funnier without the “child exchange” part, salzocow:

Left a bag of all of the panties and bras I had given her on the porch during the child exchange.

unfrosted_poptart this type of pettiness is just called “being a total life-ruining POS”:

Let the house foreclose with my name and SSN attached to it. Not because he was financially unable to make payments, but because he wanted to be a jerk.

Seems like she did you a favor, MarloBarksdale (still hella messed up though):

She sent nude pictures of me to my family members, friends, and co-workers.

I was 25 and in good shape back then so I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Everyone had a good attitude about, I ended up with a lot of compliments, even from my boss.

It didn’t work out the way she thought it would.

This type of dedication is inspirational, brelandford:

“One of my boyfriend’s exes left thousands of brass tacks, point up, all over his apartment.”