These Insanely Petty Exes Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

Errr, you’re better off without this homophobic/unstable wench, Chizwick.

She ran her mouth on social media, calling me gay.

It didn’t bother me since I’m not gay – nor is that an insult – but it bothered me that she still, after getting MARRIED to the guy she settled for after I dumped her, obviously wasn’t over me.

Did you have to change your number, ericas48b1e499d?

“My ex made a Craigslist ad inviting people to come watch a threesome and linked it to my number. I was getting calls and texts ALL MORNING!”

Hey, you tried to warn her, lifesahoot:

Live-in girlfriend of about a year was cheating on me. I found out about it, gave her the boot and told her if she didn’t come get her shit by 9pm I would throw it out the door. She decided to call my bluff and go out partying. Huge wind/rain storm that night. It was very satisfying watching her try to get her underwear and bra’s out of the hedge the next morning.

That’s not petty, scienceisanart, that’s…psycho:

Accused me of stalking him, breaking into his house, and trying to murder him. He says he has it on security footage. I’d be very surprised if he did because I was in a completely different state. He threatened to call the cops and sue me. Never happened. I don’t talk to him any more.

Could’ve been worse, glena2. Could’ve been a Guy Fieri show.

“After I broke up with my girlfriend, she logged into my Netflix account and gave five stars to a bunch of Barbie movies and messed up all my ratings.”