These Insanely Petty Exes Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

Atta girl, heidim4dadf5b06:

“When I found out my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me, I messaged the girl he was cheating with and asked her to come over to tell me what was going on. Later, I called him and asked if we could meet up and talk. When he came over, I had the girl come around the corner with me to greet him. His face was priceless!”

I hope the restraining order stuck, thymeconsuming:

He took all of the old love letters I had written him and cut them up and arranged words to make a desperate note to me, ransom note style, then showed up at my work to hand deliver it. Waited outside my whole shift to make sure I left alone.

WOW omoshiroimidori your ex deserves jail for this straight up:

Refuse to give back pictures from my moms funeral. It was the first time my Family had been together in more than a decade. And my mom was fucking dead. Terrible gf.

What a dick! sarbot88:

He spray painted a penis on my car because I confronted him about his multiple other ladies.

I’m sorry oceansparkmick, this is legit heartbreaking:

He read all my diaries and burned them. I had left them in our storage locker. For months and months I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my 20 years worth of writing. I got a picture of a fire pit and text after text of stuff I had done and written about.