20 Times @abbycohenwl Absolutely Crushed It On Twitter

Do you ever wonder exactly who all these people are cranking out hilarious tweets all day? Well you’re in luck because every week we’ll be bringing you the top tweets and a little background on some of our favorite twitter peeps.

This week: Abby Cohen (@abbycohenwl)

A brief bio written by Abby:

I’m Abby and I remember starting Twitter like it was nine years ago. “I do not understand,” I recall thinking in 2009, and let me tell you, I miss thinking. But now my head’s full of Twitter, so that ship has sailed.

I tweeted maybe ten times from then till fall 2014, when I launched into “jokes.” I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s the same method I use to parent my two large and very excellent children. We live in LA. I make medium bucks writing corporate marketing materials for The Man. None of this has prepared me for a good way to end this so I will close with a swell word I like, which is Pants.

Some of Abby’s best tweets.