There’s Now A Carseat Made For Dogs, As If They Weren’t Already Our Children

Calling all dog moms and dads! A new pawfect car accessory is here for your furry friend. Just as we buckle up every time the car is in drive, we gotta make sure our puppers are secure too. Enter The Rocketeer Pack by ZuGoPet, a patented dog harness for pets 25lbs and under. This veterinarian and crash-test approved harness is fashioned to limit excessive motion and potential harm to our four-legged friends during any sudden stopping, starting and swerving maneuvers — basically any ruff driving.

OK, so this is cute AF.

The Rocketeer Pack sells for $175.

Attach The Rocketeer Pack directly to the seat of your car. You can actually treat your dog like your child!

And it can act like a baby carrier if you want to ditch the leash!

Those interested can find a size chart on ZuGoPet’s site to help them estimate which size their dog needs. Twitter, of course, had some opinions on this new car accessory.

Looks like we have a supporter!

But Kathy is skeptical.

Well, that’s cool I guess. As long it’s a pet under 25lbs, it’s all good.

Hmm, that could be a good point.

To clarify, The Rocketeer Pack was approved by two veterinarian surgical specialists. “The inventor was inspired to create ZuGoPet to keep her own dog with pelvic limb issues safe and comfortable in her car,” according to Bruce King DVM, Lakewood Animal Hospital, on ZuGoPet’s website.

So would you buy The Rocketeer Pack? Most likely, duh.