Apple’s New Feature Will Prevent People From Using Their Phones While Driving

It’s no secret that texting and driving is ridiculously dangerous. Driving is dangerous within itself – but, it’s something we do everyday to get to where we need to be. While not everyone is a “great driver,” it makes it even harder to stay safe when people are texting on their phones, fidgeting with apps and using it for other things while behind the wheel of their car.

You cannot deny the truth – if you’re using your phone while driving, you’re not giving your full attention to the road and cars on the road.

If you’re not paying full attention to the road, you’re not driving safely – point blank. Of course, laws have been put into place to try and prevent drivers from using their phones while operating their vehicles – tickets, points on their license and possible suspension – but, that doesn’t stop people form doing it.

Now, Apple is getting into the mix and introducing a new way for iPhone users to stay safe behind the wheel. According to Car Throttle, iOS 11 will have a new feature that will notify drivers to turn on “do not disturb” while they are driving. This means, you won’t receive any notifications while you’re behind the wheel. We all know that the reason we look down at our phones when driving is because we here the “ping” or vibrate of a text or call.

And yet, this still may not prevent people from checking their phones while driving. So, according to Apple, phones can “detect” when a driver is moving in their car by using their GPS sensors – and, they will implement a “difficult way” to unlock the phone while in motion.

Apple states that when users turn on the feature or it is activated, a pre-written message can be used to respond to those who text you or notify you while driving – like “Can’t talk, driving,” or something along those lines.

The feature will not, however, prevent drivers and users from using their phone via Bluetooth or USB in the car, as this is perfectly legal – like using voice activation in the car to make a call or change a song.

It actually sounds like a pretty good plan and a way to keep drivers paying attention to the road – but, it could also backfire and cause some serious crashes for those who just can’t wait until they’re parked to read their texts.