35 Of The Most Arrogant A**holes On The Internet

31. Probably shouldn’t be dropping “As a member of MENSA” either.

As a member of the rest of the collective internet community, I’m here to tell you that you should delete your Facebook account, immediately. Also, how dare you slander the name of Stephen Hawking with that comparison.

32. So you’re too smart to get behind a trend that raised MILLIONS or ALS?

You all do know that doing something a ton of other people are taking part in is mentally inferior?Those god damn sheep! Especially, when it’s like the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ that raised millions of dollars and countless awareness to ALS.

33. You sure he didn’t just ask you to teach the class?

Here’s a quick tip to all you kids sitting in classrooms. Always, I mean always correct your professors and try to hijack the class. This story is more likely than not completely fabricated but lesson learned, always correct professors.

34. Not very efficient typing out all those long words.

It is safe to say this guys mom got him a thesaurus over the holidays. None of the ways they are wording things could even begin to be imagined as efficient. I’d say much more arrogant than efficient.

35. Okay, a simple “wrong” would‘ve done just fine.

Well, it’s a good thing Einstein thought it was funny as hell. The cashier and everyone within earshot decided to stare blankly because they couldn’t fathom how terrible you are.