35 Of The Most Arrogant A**holes On The Internet

21. I discriminate against your awful facial hair, sir.

Can we discriminate heavily against super insufferable people like yourself? This dude sounds like people walk around with their I.Q. number on their forehead. I imagine he doesn’t have too many friends.


YOLO is only one syllable and at this point in time, it may not be the coolest thing to say. It definitely is about a million times less douchey than this person. Also, quick tip, refrain from calling people ‘you peasants’.

23. I bet your parents are so proud.


Pffff, don’t you know none of the cool kids try? They just tell you about how easy it would be if they actually did try but never do because they’re usually too scared to fail. #minimaleffort

24. I wonder what law school they went to?


I knew laws could be complicated at times. I had no idea they were absolute nonsense. The fact that someone can type this out and click send is bananas! Lay off the weed, dude.

25. Nope, feel dumber after reading your post.


I mean if we’re going to get technical aren’t we all just staring at matter? Woah, the mind was blown? Feel dumb yet? Umm, nope. There is literally no reason to entertain this person’s false sense of intelligence.