35 Of The Most Arrogant A**holes On The Internet

We’ve all come across someone on social media who thinks they are god’s gift to earth. Whether or not it’s them proclaiming their superior intelligence or correcting someone in a super arrogant fashion. These people exist and let me tell you something I’m sure you are all aware of, they are the WORST! They are the absolute W.O.A.T.’s. It’s hard to get worse than this awful crowd. How sad is it that these people strive for this sense of self-validation. These people are trying to convince others who for the most part couldn’t care less about them how special they are, pretty sad. Either way, here is a list of insufferable social media posts that definitely earned these people a quick block.

1. That one time M. Night shocked himself with his own artistic vision

I’ve seen some of M.Night Shyamalan’s recent movies and there is no chance he was writing them when he tweeted this. Don’t you just love telling a story in your head and literally scaring yourself? This Teenager Scared The Crap Out Of Her Neighbor Without Even TryingArtistic genius is a pretty interesting thing, I guess.

2. Don’t you hate when you have to lower your intelligence to fit into society?

very smart 9gag post with smart comment cherry on top

I can’t imagine a life where I was so beyond the intelligence of the common person that I had to dumb myself down with weed. This is this poor man’s reality. I feel for his everyday lonely struggle, such a burden being a Facebook self-proclaimed genius.

3. 10 bucks he had to Google how to spell “exponentially.”

Guys, intelligence can be a burden. Especially when you ‘have quite a few of it’. Even worse is when none of the society can see to appreciate it. Oh no, someone used social media to communicate?! 25 Times Twitter Got Way, Way, Way Too HighHow can this person make it through the day?

4. Oh, snap! You showed that 4th grader!

Don’t you think there are enough bullies in 4th grade? How awful of a life must this person lead that they find it necessary to call out a 9-year-old? Keep up the good work, dude. You’re going to go real far with that degree.

5. I’m sure that’s exactly why you are single.

Hey, you have to rationalize some reason as to why no females will speak to you. If you telling yourself it’s because ‘most women aren’t smart enough to hold a conversation’ there are probably way bigger issues. Well, little issues if you catch my drift.