The Weeknd Apparently Dumped Selena Gomez In The Worst F**king Way Possible

It’s no secret that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are done. After the two dated for a solid ten months and showcased their love all over social media, we found out in a rather strange way that the couple ended their budding romance. Gomez was spotted hanging out with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, quite frequently and paparazzi caught them on camera. As well, The Weeknd unfollowed Selena Gomez’s friends and family on social media. So, people generally assumed they were cutting ties. And, after questioning WTF was going on, reps from both parties said they had broken up because of “different tour schedules and not enough time together.”

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Of course, us tea-sippers are always wondering how the relationship ended exactly and who did the breaking up. Well, thankfully TMZ is here to give us exactly what we’re looking for. Apparently, sources claim The Weeknd was the one to dump Selena, and it was because of the schedule issue. But, he broke up with her over the phone. Ouch. If you were to ask me what the worst way to break up with someone is – one would be texting, two would be over the phone. If you spend 10 months dating someone (probably sleeping with them), the least you can do is break up with them in person, right?

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Twitter, of course, was here for all of the drama.

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