The Weeknd Allegedly Dating Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend Is The Pettiest News Of The Week

If you’ve been paying attention to the Internet lately, you’d know that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had themselves a little get-together that caused a lot of drama for everyone. Basically, Selena Gomez was dating The Weeknd for a solid 10 months before she was seen sneaking around and going out in Cali with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. We’ve all known Biebs has been hot for Selena since they broke up and has always wanted her back (aka, he’s said it a million times). She was always “the one who got away” from him. But, Gomez seemed pretty happy with The Weeknd, as they PDA’d all over social media all of the time.

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However, she was seen hanging out with Bieber and – to be honest – who would be cool with their girlfriend hanging out with her ex? Definitely not someone as sentimental and sensitive as The Weeknd (just listen to his old albums).

After everyone heard that Biebs and Gomez were hanging out, they started wondering WTF was happening with her and The Weeknd – like, was he down for them chilling or what? Turns out, The Weeknd’s reps said the couple split a while before the pictures were leaked. In fact, they split for reasons that had “nothing to do with Bieber. According to the sources, the two broke up because their music careers and tour dates were causing them to barely see each other anymore. They were never together or in the same city and they ended up growing apart. Or, Selena grew right into Bieber’s arms.

But, it seems as though The Weeknd is aiming for his revenge because he has a new boo in his life – and she’s pretty close to the Biebs, too.

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