35 Of The Most Arrogant A**holes On The Internet

11. I bet that online I.Q. test was definitely legit.

I'm in law school so I'm highly intelligent.

Oh, snap! someone got really sensitive when their intelligence came into question with a friendly ‘dumb-ass’. He’s in law school guys, watch out. I for sure would not want this arrogant guy as my lawyer, just throw me in jail.

12. Luckily, I’ve been to a ton of concerts and never saw this guy.

This is just pure insanity, ‘that one guy’ can’t possibly exist, can it? You’re at a concert, drop the ‘I’ better than you’ act for like 2 hours enjoy some live tunes then get back to your stoic philosophy, you animal.

13. For knowing all those big words how’d you not learn ‘humor’?

I bet this person is the life of every single party they attend. Anyone who sighs at a well-timed corny joke over the internet is probably not someone you want to invite to dinner.

14. Just setting himself up for failure.

He must be so unbelievably intellectual that he doesn’t even deal with simple division. He has evolved, we wouldn’t get it. It’s totally a MENSA and Cambridge thing.

15. Neil just destroying the eclipse hype.

Ok, Neil, we get it. You know what isn’t fun? Reality. What’s next? Are you going to ruin the whole ‘Santa Claus thing’ for the kids? Relax, Neil.