35 Of The Most Arrogant A**holes On The Internet

16. Yeah like, the cheats to an Xbox game and who Jessica ‘really’ likes. Stay in school, kids.

This guy is over here drinking Capri Suns and knowing quadratic equations. I have a feeling Tyrion and this little fellas life differ in a few different aspects.  Then again I have no idea how tough life being a 15 year old these days I guess. Stay strong, youngins

17. Laughter is often confused with weakness any genius knows that.

I’m shocked at how many people think there is a direct correlation between intelligence and lack of humor. These people do know you can be wicked smaat (Boston accent) and still have a great sense of humor, right?

18. Do people like this actually exist?

This chick is really high and mighty for somebody who isn’t even using Bumble. Usually, it’s a height requirement on Tinder. She took it to the next level of awful and went with an I.Q. requirement, how else would a guy ‘be able to keep up’.

19. More reasonable thought, you are not even close to funny?

I’m sure plenty of people understand your dry wit. The more likely scenario is you are not even the slightest bit funny. Keep telling yourself about your ‘wit’ though, whatever helps you sleep.

20. Some people should be banned from the internet.

This is a pretty fantastic lie. Claiming you’re so incredibly smart and not making sure nobody in your class could blow up your spot is NOT a good move. Also, if you’re going to lie about being a master of a subject why Art History?