35 Of The Most Arrogant A**holes On The Internet

26. Meet Rick, Rick is a virgin.

This is Rick, Rick has absolutely 0 fun. I understand not everyone enjoys the same music. I just don’t understand how someone can hate someone for enjoying something at all, let them live, Rick!

27. A modern-day Socrates, no doubt.

What are the odds this person pulled this out of a fortune cookie? Either way, quoting yourself with a ‘-me’ is a pretty insane and pompous move.

28. You can’t stop genius even if you’re on the dance floor.

Remind me to never invite this person out. I mean just from this one post it’s pretty safe to say you couldn’t pay me to hang out with someone so self-involved. You know who doesn’t say ‘Of course I of all people” people with friends, that’s who.

29. Never start a sentence with “Not to be conceited”.

I have a feeling the reason this person doesn’t get along with many people because they are completely insufferable. Also, how can 10 people like this? You should start your own private ‘genius’ club. Make sure it’s far away from us.

30. Same rules apply to “I’m not arrogant”.

I thought it was pretty common sense that you shouldn’t start any sentence proclaiming how you aren’t arrogant and then continue to spew unheard of arrogance. I guess the “smartest man in every room” transcends common sense.