35 Of The Most Arrogant A**holes On The Internet

6. I HATE this guy. Closer to 5’11 I’m sure.

I think they’re probably uncomfortable because you were trying to read a medical science textbook while you guys were out to dinner. Why a sweater everywhere? You know you can be intellectual and half a sense of style, right?

7. Oh, so you’re the worst?

Too Smart for Sports

Guess who never gets invited to watch ‘sportsball’ with all of his so-called friends? I’ll give you one guess. It’s alright you stay home just more beer, snacks, and awesome commercials for me. Dilly dilly!

8. She certainly stands out.

Your place is at the top of the ‘do not invite to any event’ list that is for sure. I’m all about confidence and believing in yourself but there is no chance this person isn’t insufferable.

9. All those degrees and you still have no class.

Do I smell a humble brag? You know what physically makes me sick? The fact that this person probably fabricated this entire interaction in the name of self-gratification.

10. This person needs a dog ASAP!

This is the hobby in which you love? This person had to re-read this and realize that their life seems super sad, right? If this is one of your forms of entertainment let me be the first to tell you, you’re doing it wrong.