Kim Kardashian Ranked Her Family Members From Best To Worst Dressed And It Was Pretty Savage

Kim Kardashian West threw some major shade and we have our favorite talk-show-host, James Corden to thank. While having Kim as a guest on The Late Late Show, James challenged her to a game of “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts” where Kim ranked her sisters and mother from best to worst dressed—all to avoid drinking a glass of bird saliva.

Although Kim’s candidness didn’t come as a surprise, her answers did—without hesitation, she revealed her picks for the two most fashionable women in her family. Come on, can you see Kim drinking a glass of bird saliva? We didn’t think so.

First place comes as no surprise with Kim dubbing Kendall Jenner—who happens to be the world’s highest-earning supermodel—as the fashionista of the group. Following Kendall was momager, Kris Jenner in second place. Considering Kris looks to her most famous daughter for fashion influence, we weren’t too shocked to hear Kim was a fan of her look.

After Kris, Kim struggled between Kylie and Kourtney for third place, “Third: Kourtney. No, no, no. Yeah, Kourtney.” She continued, “Fourth Kylie. No okay, the one before can be Kylie, then Kourtney.”

Her instinct told her to go with Kourtney, but after debating back and forth, Kylie came up on top, leaving poor Khloé in the last place—which comes as no surprise for fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim is often vocal about wanting to give Khloe’s wardrobe a Kimye approved makeover.

“And then Khloé. She’s going to kill me. I’m so sorry,” Kim said to James.

Props to The Late Late Show for inventing the game causing every celebrity to confess their juiciest gossip. If you haven’t binge watched every “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts” on The Late Late Show’s Youtube channel, you’re missing out. Warning to the weak stomached viewers out there—this segment may not be for you.