Kim Kardashian Was Asked If She Really Hated Blac Chyna And Her Response Will Actually Make You Respect Her

Kim Kardashian has a lot of haters out there on the Internet, let’s just be blunt about it. For some reason, people love to hate the reality TV star because they think she’s only made her money from a sex tape that leaked about, oh, 10+ years ago. Since that happened, over a decade ago, the mother of two (soon to be three) actually has made money being a businesswoman, just like any of us. Sure, she may come off as a bit pretentious and spoiled, but she’s actually smarter than you think. Kim has been politically outspoken for years, has stood up for great causes she believes in and – she is a human being just like you and I. Does Kim Kardashian have way more money than we ever will? Absolutely, but why are y’all so bitter against someone who is good at what they do?

Regardless if you love her or you hate her, Kim has done a lot of things that deserve respect. Like, donating money to hurricane victims, standing up for women’s rights, pushing for harsher gun control in America – real problems, real thoughts, real actions. Recently, she also showed women how classy they can be towards people they dislike when she was doing an interview on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

It’s no secret that the entire Kardashian family has beef with Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s ex-fiancé, and baby momma. The model and former stripper started dating Rob Kardashian as a way to get back at Kylie Jenner and the entire family after she began dating Chyna’s ex, Tyga. While Chyna never truly admitted it, we all know the truth. Chyna was dying to cash in on the Kardashian name for monetary purposes so she could use the last name for endorsement deals and TV rights. She made it pretty damn far by even having her own show with Rob on E! – but it got canceled after the two went their separate ways. Now, Chyna and the Kardashians are going head-to-head in lawsuit after lawsuit for revenge porn, copyright infringement, assault, and battery – anything you can think of, really. So, do the Kardashians like Blac Chyna? I’m going to go with a big, fat no.