Jennifer Lawrence Got Wasted And Naked At Kris Jenner’s House

If you care anything at all about film queen Jennifer Lawrence or reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, you need to watch J.Law’s recent guest episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ It’s got everything you can want and more. I’ve never seen J.Law behave like such a ham but of course she’s a total ham, she’s a mega-successful actress it’s like the number one thing you need to be is a huge ham!

The conversation focused initially around a dinner party Kris Jenner held at her Karmansion two weeks before. “I remember getting naked in your mom’s closet and ordering you to dress me,” the Oscar-winning actress said. “You dressed me fabulously.” Lawrence then demanded Kanye style her, but was butt-nekked before any of that could even go down. Amazing.

The family also played a game, a would-you-rather between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un or President Donald Trump. “I think we were laughing so hard, we didn’t choose,” Kardashian said.

From here the conversation spiraled into a series of really really good questions from J.Law to Kim. My favorites:

“Do you and Kanye fart in front of each other? Do you talk about farts? Do you fart in front of him?”

(Kim doesn’t fart.)

“Is Khloe in on you being subtly rude to her or like are you just like subtly rude?”

(Kim loves Khloe. They’re in a good place right now.)

“What’s the most incorrect rumor you ever heard about yourself?”

(Kim can’t even choose just one.)

“How do you feel about Selena and Justin getting back together?”

(“It’s cute.”)

“What is the weirdest thing Kanye does?”

(Falls asleep anywhere and everywhere.)

“What do both of you wear to sleep? Do you ever sleep in socks?”

(Kim always sleeps in socks.)

“Who is the last family member you’d kill if you were stuck on a desert island?”

(Kim says her kids. Khloe would have to go first.)

They also discussed the Kardashian Christmas card, OJ Simpson, Kim’s superb hacking skills, and so much more. Watch the entire segment below: