Science Says Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier

You probably didn’t need another reason to love big butts, but here’s a couple anyway: If you’ve got one, not only are you probably smarter than your smaller-behind counterparts, you have far more resistance to chronic illnesses.

Scientists from the University of Oxford basically came to the conclusion that “not all fat is created equal.” Those of us who carry fat in our butts and thighs (pear-shaped) as opposed to our stomachs (apple-shaped) have lower levels of cholesterol and and more likely to produce hormones that metabolize sugar, meaning decreased rates of diabetes and heart disease.

According to ABC News researchers analyzed data from 16,000 women and found that “women with more fat on the buttocks have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose” as well as higher leptin levels, a hormone responsible for weight regulation.

“The idea that body fat distribution is important to health has been known for some time,” said lead researcher Konstantinos Manolopoulous. “However, it is only very recently that thigh fat and a large hip circumference have been shown to promote health; that lower body fat is protective by itself.”

Furthermore, a large derriere is also indicative of an excess of Omega 3 fats (that stuff you keep hearing about found in salmon and spinach), which are proven to catalyze brain development.

Researchers also found that children born to women with wider hips are intellectually superior to children born to mothers with less curves. Since there is evidence of fat content in breast milk being derived from the lower half of a woman’s body, it makes sense that women with more fat deposits down there store higher levels of Omega 3s and thus feed fattier milk to their offspring.

So, in other words, Kim Kardashian will probably outlive us all. BIG BOOTY FOR LIFE THOUGH.