25 Times Twitter Got Way, Way, Way Too High

A lot of people out there have dabbled with the devil’s lettuce at some point. Whether you admit it or not the ganja is becoming more and more common in today’s society. Especially with the legalization of recreational chronic use in a bunch of states across America. Some people may consider good ole Mary Jane to be a gateway to a hopeless life of drug addiction. According to the extensive research I’ve done on the topic, it seems to mostly be a gateway to Taco Bell and a nice long nap, or at least that’s what I’ve heard… Getting a little stoned can lead to a lot of different things outside of the fast food menu, sometimes it leads to your Twitter. This opens the door to hysterical thoughts and reactions, lifted thoughts are usually outrageous thoughts. So outrageous they’re usually pure comedy, here’s a list of the best tweets from people under the influence of the absolutely evil marijuana plant.

1. This may have been the highest person on Earth at this point.

2. It seems like a great idea until absolute chaos ensues.

3. FelineAncestry.com?

4. How can you taste the delicious fruit loops with the volume so loud?

5. In simple terms yes, yes I have.