Florida Couple ‘Accidentally’ Receives 65 Pounds Of Weed Inside Amazon Containers

A couple who were avid Amazon shoppers were in for quite a surprise when they received the four 27-gallon totes they were waiting for. They were expecting a few nice totes, not a few nice tokes (laugh at my bad jokes, please). When they picked up the supposedly empty totes they had ordered, they realized something was off. After opening up the packages and having the house filled with the dank smell of some Mary Jane after realizing – they were sent a few bundles of weed buried in the totes.

How much good old fashion ganja you ask? Oh, nothing crazy just 65 pounds or so. Yeah, 65 pounds. That’s around the average weight of a fourth grader – in weed. They said they quickly realized Amazon had made a big mistake. I hopped on the Google machine because I needed to find out the street value. It is potentially between $150,000-$300,000. Big mistake or early Christmas present? I’ll leave that for you to decide.