Apparently, Rihanna’s New Beauty Blotting Sheets Can Also Be Used As Rolling Papers

The queen,  the goddess – Rihanna – recently introduced a new beauty line onto the market that has made some big waves online. The line, Fenty Beauty, has created some talk around the internet as Rihanna has released beauty shades and concealers for women of all skin tones – even dark. And, the darker shades have practically sold out almost everywhere – proving that most beauty companies are neglecting some of their customers when it comes to shades. But, the biggest shock and overall praise have come from one of Rihanna’s products in the beauty line – her beauty blotting sheets.

Beauty blotting sheets are every girl’s savior because, come mid-day, it’s well known that your makeup causes your face to become a bit oily. With beauty blotting sheets, you can blot away any oil that’s covered your beautiful face beat and wipe those troubles away.

But – the best part about RiRi’s blotting sheets is that the way in which she packaged them makes fans think they can second as rolling papers. If you’re a fan of Rihanna, you’d know she’s one of the most outspoken celebrities about smoking weed – so, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Of course, fans were not only impressed, but praising the Barbados native for her innovation and – obviously savageness.