Apparently We’ve All Been Pronouncing Rihanna’s Name Completely Wrong

When it comes to names, not all of us are experts at pronunciation. In fact, we usually pronounce things totally wrong on the first try. And, once everyone says it one way, it’s pretty much solidified that it’s the correct way to pronounce it.

Turns out, we’ve all been pronouncing Rihanna’s name totally wrong, guys.

This week, RiRi stepped out with Vogue to discuss her new Fenty Fashion Line in Paris. Not only did Queen Ri drop a beauty, lingerie, and fashion line back-to-back, but she’s also the first black woman to head a major fashion brand for LVMH—a luxury design conglomerate.

In a video for British Vogue, Rihanna introduced herself and her collection—pronouncing her name the right way.



People online felt completely dumbfounded by the idea that we’ve spent all of this time pronouncing the Queen’s name wrong.

Clearly, we all don’t deserve to live knowing that all of this time, we’ve been damn fools.