20+ Unbelievably Weird Weed Products To Help You Celebrate 4/20

Ah, the holiday of stoners is upon us once again. 4/20, y’all! Stay safe out there. Avoid the cops. Smoke in your house and don’t drive your car and have fun. And maybe purchase a few of these fun, unusual, and practical marijuana accessories. TREAT YOURSELF!

21. A fun THC laptop sticker:

Promising Review: “nice” – Joseph Ellzy

Get it on Amazon for $9.

20. Formula 420 to magically clean all your gnarly accessories:

Promising Review: “I have a double chamber bubbler that had huge chunks of res, stuck at the top of the small pipeline between the first and second chamber, that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get out. This product proved me wrong =P” – Peter Bean

Get a 3-pack on Amazon for $17.50.

19. An all-in-one lighter/wick/tamper/poker called The Toker Poker:

Promising Review: “This poker is straight up legit. I recommend this puppy. It looks cool, and I like that the pick doubles as a wick holder thingy. I disagree with what others are saying about it feeling/looking cheap. Sure, it’s not made out of military grade metal or whatever, but it feels sturdy and does it’s purpose. Two thumbs way way up!” – Ms Anonymoose

Get it on Amazon for $10.

18. A Kush Kaddy vacuum-sealed storage container:

Promising Review: “Definitely skeptical at first, however, this Kaddie has definitely proven itself! You won’t be sorry with this carrying case! thank you Seller!” – Anthony

Get it on Amazon for $20.

17. Weed lube:

Promising Review: It was named the ‘Sex Product of the Year’ by GQ upon its release.

Get one from Foria.

16. A weed bouquet:


Order one from Lowell Smokes.

15. A ‘Rick And Morty’ Pickle Rick Pipe:

Get it on Heady Treasures for $60.

14. A SmokeBuddy personal air filter:

Promising review: “I love this thing. This is actually my second one. The first one was given to me by an ex-boyfriend. If you/re a smoker of any kind and live with non-smokers and are a courteous and thoughtful person, this lil gadget will make a huge difference in your life. It’s almost magical. any smoke you blow through it gets filtered into NOTHING. It like eats it. You should buy it. And I didn’t get paid or get a discount at all to say this. This is my 100% honest review.” – YvetteMarie

Get it on Amazon for ~$9.

13. A Pitch N Puff pipe & storage golf ball:

Promising review: “Product is amazing great weight to it really useful”- Kevinamador1

Get it on Etsy for $12.

12. A MagicalButter extractor & cookbook.

Promising review:We love this so much I’m afraid we are going to wear it out! My boyfriend is a cancer patient. We have made butter, tincture and topical shea butter. Everyone loves our products and it’s super easy to use.” – Arhymer

Get it on Amazon for $173.