Mom Posts Photo Hitting a Bong While Breastfeeding & We’re Like…Nah.

There’s a lot of stupid things people do online – like posting inappropriate photos that they know will get some negative backlash. Like, this mother who thought it would be a good idea to post a picture of her smoking a huge bong while breastfeeding her child.

The photo was posted in a “CannaParentingSupport” Facebook group – which is supposed to be a “safe place,” for parents who smoke weed – but, some members felt the photo was still inappropriate saying –

“If you are going to smoke it do it away from the baby! Staged or not your main concern should be feeding your baby, not posting pictures on Facebook.”

“Never mind second hand infant smoke inhalation… fuckin idiots.”

“I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure a newborn child breathing anything beside air is probably bad.”

Now, I’m not judging the use of marijuana here because #LegalizeIt – but, I do believe smoking around your children is a dumb, dumb move – especially when they are young.

It’s well known that second-hand smoke can be dangerous to children – as well, there is such thing as “contact high,” when marijuana smoke is in the air. If your baby is young enough to still be breastfed, they’re definitely too young to be around any drugs of that nature.

As well, doctors have spoken out about the combination of smoking weed while breastfeeding – stating that marijuana does affect mother’s breastmilk. As well, after a baby is breastfed by a mother who smokes weed – their urine can test positive for marijuana up to three weeks later.

Probably best to lay off the bong for the time being.