This Couple Did A Maternity Shoot For Their New Cat And It’s The Most Extra Thing We’ve Ever Seen

When you get a new animal/pet in your life, the feeling can be quite similar to having a child. This pet is going to be yours to raise, nurture, and love from here on out–so, it’s basically the same as bringing home a baby, except, it’s not human. When you decide with your partner/significant other to raise an animal together, it’s like having your pre-child. You two learn together how to raise a person/animal and figure out how your partner is going to be loving someone other than themselves/you–it’s important, ya know? But, while getting a new pet can be emotional and exciting (and even overwhelming), we’ve never seen anyone take it to this level of extra…ever.

Lucy Shultz and her partner Steven decided to hire a photographer and do a “maternity shoot” for their new kitten they adopted. The photos, which Lucy decided to share in an album on Facebook, have gone pretty viral. At first, I thought it was because it was adorable and creative to do a photoshoot for your new kitten–but, after seeing the actual photos, I realize now why people have shared the post over 70,000 times.

At first, I thought the photos were sweet.

But then, there were a few I was…questioning.