This Dog Laying Down At Her Owner’s Gravesite Will Overwhelm You With Feels

When we think about our eventual deaths, we probably most think about the people we’ll leave behind—our children, siblings, friends, and parents left to cope with the difficulty of losing us. We don’t always think about what will happen to our pets after we’re gone. They’re our special little companions, and they can evidently be just as affected and grief-stricken as humans are by the death a loved one.

New York couple Theresa and Mike Morini got a new dog last September, a five-year-old Chihuahua mix named Deta. The dog used to live with Theresa’s mother until she died at the age of 86. And they were inseparable. “Wherever my mother went, Deta followed,” Theresa Morini told Inside Edition

That loyalty never wavered. When Deta’s best human was being treated for congestive heart failure in a hospital, Theresa and Mike smuggled the dog in to help comfort her (and Deta, for that matter). Now, when Theresa goes to visit her mother’s grave, she, of course, brings Deta along. The dog even knows exactly where her old master’s grave is located, running right to it when they arrive. When it’s time to leave, Deta doesn’t want to go—She just wants to be where her person is, and lays down at the gravesite.