Twitter Is Absolutely Fuming Over Guy Who Shaved His Husky

Not cool, dude. Don’t mess with our doggos.

Everyone on the Internet can simultaneously agree that dogs are everything we need in our lives. Whenever we need a pick-me-up, our dogs (or random dogs, or random photos of dogs) are always there to make us smile.

Dogs are also living, breathing, walking, fetching, eating, pooping creatures.

For that reason, we shouldn’t be f*cking d*cks to them and mistreat them or abuse them.

But, I guess this guy missed the memo. On Twitter, user @OmonaKami shared a photo of a husky dog that was shaved from the neck down. While people usually groom and shave their dog’s coats, people don’t understand that husky’s need their fur for numerous reasons.

According to several sources on dog care and dog health, shaving a husky’s coat can be harmful to them in the spring and summer seasons. The layer of fur, which is called the topcoat, protects your doggo from UV rays and bugs (like fleas). Basically, the topcoat protects them from heatstroke and keeps them cool during the warm months.

When people saw this tweet online, they were absolutely outraged that someone would do such a thing to this poor, adorable husky. And, they weren’t afraid to share their anger.

Word to the wise people – do not share photos of doggo abuse. The Internet will take you down.