34 Of The Happiest Photos To Ever Exist

It might shock you to know that cameras have been around for almost 200 years or so and so people think they’ve been around much longer. Some credit Johann Zahn in 1685 as the person who introduced the camera to the world while many people believe the first camera may go back as far as the 1500’s. To put that into perspective that would be mean Christopher Colombus could have had the ability to take pictures, but most people give credit to George Eastman for inventing what we knew as the modern-day camera in 1888. All I know is we need to thank all the people involved in bringing cameras to what they are today. Without their contributions, we wouldn’t have these  34 amazing photos that share nothing but happiness. These photos were taken throughout the years and capture a moment of happiness that has been frozen in time forever!

1. This boy marveling at the size of Andre the Giant.

2. This little girl showing a lot of love for this fish.

3. Look how happy this man was eating rice in 1904!

4. This field mouse is enjoying the flowers.

5. A couple was trying to keep a straight face during their portrait.

6. This little girl and camel are super excited!

7. This seal is so happy to take a picture with his friends.

8. This extremely photogenic arrest in Germany.

9. This girl is ecstatic that she’s finally got a cat!

10. This little pup was enjoying his parade.