Waiter Drops Everything In Middle Of Shift To Help Feed Disabled Man And It’s So Pure

When you have someone in your family who is disabled, doing everyday things can be difficult. No matter what happens, we love our family members until the end of time, but, we cannot deny that we feel awful and broken inside when they struggle to do things most people take for granted–like, eating a meal. Many of us don’t realize that the luxury of feeding yourself is actually a luxury. There are those who suffer from illnesses and disabilities that prevent them from being able to do so on their own, and, when going out to eat, they often times feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Lee Bondurant is a 51-year-old man who is extremely independent in his life, but, suffers from cerebral palsy. While he manages to hold down his own job and live life mostly on his own, he does not have full use of his hands and cannot feed himself. Of course, with the wonderful help from his friends and family, he is able to enjoy the little things in life–like going out to eat.

But, when eating at 42nd Street Oyster Bar in North Carolina, he got a little extra help from an unexpected person–who, eventually became a friend.