17 Annoying Things Every Boyfriend Does On The Regular

Boyfriends really are such interesting characters. They can be so loving and affectionate one minute and then two minutes later, they are farting up a storm and engaging in the most annoying behavior that makes you question what you even see in them. Most of the time, we think they’re such adorable, handsome and wonderful people – and other times, we want to ring their neck. It’s a love/hate relationship. Sometimes, we wish they would just knock off the weird, obnoxious and annoying behavior but, they never truly do.

1. Burps out loud and farts for all to hear.

Seriously, can you not? I don’t know what boyfriend don’t get but nothing about this is funny or attractive. My boyfriend always rips wind and tries to make me smell it. Ew.

2. Over-uses weird sayings/slang all day long.

I’m sorry is that English or a cartoon language because I can’t understand you. What is “Skoo?” Are you trying to say “let’s go?” If so, where are we going? Why do you say everything is “Lit?” Why can’t you use normal people words? Get off the Internet, boy.

3. Never picks where he wants to eat.

It is highly annoying when all the pressure is put on the lady to decide where to eat. And truth be told, once I pick something he’s going to have a big issue with it. Guys always say that girls never know where they want to eat, but guys are indecisive, too. Trust me.

4. Wears his shoes while laying on the couch.

I forgot when it became okay to wear your muddy sneakers that were just out in the rain all over the white couch. Why are you so dirty? Who raised you? Can’t you f*cking take them off at the door?

5. Takes his socks off and leaves them on the floor next to the couch for like, ever.

Don’t get me started on when you finally yell at him about the shoes and he leaves them along with his socks on the floor next to the couch for a week straight. Why do the socks have to come off with the shoes? I will never understand. Your bare, smelly ass feet don’t belong on the couch either. And, can’t you put your socks in the hamper?