This Woman’s Story About Her Boyfriend Using A Ped Egg Is So Gross It’s Hilarious

Sometimes, boyfriends think that girlfriends tell them to do or not to do certain things just to be annoying or naggy. Other times, we’re actually looking out for you and trying to make your life easier (we’re not always trying to be a huge pain in the ass, in fact, most times we’re not). While we love and care about you, we want to make sure you’re happy and healthy – that’s why we’re always on your back. But, of course, boyfriends don’t like to listen to their girlfriends often. Maybe it’s a masculinity thing – or maybe they’re just stupid. Either way, we all know what it’s like to say “I told ya so,” to our men. One Twitter user Sarah Gailey shared an incredible, cringeworthy and disgusting story about an ex who refused to listen to her and learned the very, very hard way.

From the very beginning, I’m intrigued and my curiosity is peaked by the way she describes her ex.

Now, I’m hooked.

What was he playing with???

But, what does the button DO?!?

Oh dear God…