17 Annoying Things Every Boyfriend Does On The Regular

11. Ruffles your hair just to make your bad hair day worse.

Running your fingers gently through my hair and ruffling it like I’m a rag doll are two very different things. Know the difference.

12. Forgets plans that you both made if it was made more than a day ago.

When you ask about the dinner plans you both made a few nights before and he looks at you like you are crazy. Seriously, get it together boy.

13. Uses your towel when you’re not looking.

I don’t want to use the towel you wiped your balls and your asscrack with to wipe my face after my shower.

14. Not saying anything when you are upset because “they don’t want to upset you more.”

FYI not saying anything when you know I’m mad just makes me 500 times angrier and want to chop your head off. Say something to make me feel better so I don’t flip out more. Learn to communicate like a person.

15. Doesn’t introduce you to people he bumps into at the grocery store.

There is nothing more annoying than being the girl in the background while he is babbling away with his long lost best friend from middle school. Don’t mind me here just taking up space. Nothing to worry about. I’ll just go look at these…canned peas.