Uma Thurman Dragged Harvey Weinstein To The Grave In Powerful Thanksgiving Post

Uma Thurman has always been one of the more empowering women in Hollywood. With roles like Kill Bill, the actress has given women the belief that they, too, can be strong against men and their attackers – not only in film but off-screen, too. After the controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein and the countless number of women who have come forward over sexual assault and harassment charges, Thurman had a powerful message to give about the situation.

When the allegations first came to light, Thurman had spoken to Access Hollywood, praising the women who came forward and spoke their truths. But, she was extremely careful to not mention anything involving her own, personal life. The Kill Bill movies were produced by Miramax – a former Weinstein company. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if Weinstein had done anything to Thurman, as well.

Thurman hadn’t truly spoken out about the situation, in fear of saying something she will regret out of anger. Which, of course, is understandable when she’s such a high profile Hollywood actress. People on Twitter were saying she did the right thing by waiting to be ready.

But, on Thanksgiving, Thurman spoke her peace about the Weinstein situation in an Instagram post.