Kevin Smith Is Donating The Money He’s Made From Weinstein Films To Helping Women

The entertainment industry has taken a turn for the disturbing as of recently, as more people are coming out and revealing the horrific things that Harvey Weinstein has done to women. As more women speak out, others who have been harassed, assaulted or affected are finding the courage to come forward. And, there are men in the industry who are supporting these victims as well.

One of them is the director, producer and actor, Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith got his start directing, producing as well as acting in the movie Clerks. It was low budget comedy from 1994 that helped spark Smith’s fame. Most people know him as Silent Bob, what most might not know is Harvey Weinstein helped fund a lot of Kevin Smith’s early career. Kevin Smith went on to create many successful movies with Weinstein’s help. Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, as well as Jay and Silent Bob all involved Weinstein and his company. Smith has become a prominent figure in the comic book industry, as well as running a successful podcast recently.

On this weeks “Hollywood Babble-On” Smith was reduced to tears when speaking about Weinstein. Kevin Smith has always been quick to praise Weinstein. He would always give credit for all he’d done for the young filmmaker. After the true nature of Harvey Weinstein has come to the surface, Kevin Smith was shaken up.

He even tweeted this public message on Twitter:

Not only did Kevin Smith speak out against Weinstein and announce his disassociation, he decided he’s going to do a lot with the money he’s made off of films Weinstein has funded.