Recording Of Harvey Weinstein’s Aggressive Behavior Leaked & It’s More Disturbing Than We Ever Imagined

Harvey Weinstein has had a long list of accusations from actresses throughout the years. As the week has gone on, more and more accusations have come to our attention. From superstars to actresses chasing their dreams, no one is safe from Weinstein. It leaves us asking ourselves, how the f**k can this happen? Finally, most of Weinstein’s affiliations – whether it’s in business or family – have abandoned him.

This is a man who would use his prominence and stature in the film industry to prey on actresses in a vulnerable position. How absolutely disgusting can one man? I didn’t think I could be more disgusted by this despicable excuse for a man. That is until the recording of him trying to force actress Ambra Battilina Gutierrez into his hotel surfaced.

The most disturbing part is this recording is from an NYPD sting operation in 2015! Not sure how this man isn’t behind bars if he’s been on authorities radar.

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