Anna Faris Responded To Sexual Harassment On Set The Same Way Many Of Us Would

In one fell swoop, the revolution of women in the industry has come to light. After the allegations and reports of Harvey Weinstein sexually harassing dozens and dozens of women in Hollywood, more actresses, singers and models have come forward to speak out about times they have been sexually harassed by agents, producers, directors and even crew members while working in the industry. For a society that pushes women in the industry to “empower” others, it’s shocking to see how belittled they can be in one small moment due to the horrifying egos of men. We take 5 steps forward, only to take 10 steps back. It’s appalling, disgusting and sad to see how many women have been harassed and assaulted throughout their lives in Hollywood but have never been heard.

Recently, Anna Faris opened up about sexual harassment in the industry on her podcast “Unqualified.” Surprisingly – yet, not so surprisingly – Faris claims she, too, was sexually harassed and basically assaulted on the set of a movie once.

The thing with sexual harassment is – when it happens, a lot of women don’t know how to respond because we’re so shocked and thrown off guard. The fact that men think they have this power and control over us is something many of us can’t wrap our heads around. I know personally in my own life when I’ve been sexually harassed, I didn’t know how to respond – I wasn’t angry until much later. In the moment, I was so shocked I just laughed it off. It wasn’t until later on that I realized how inappropriate and awful the incident was. I think that many women take this approach in life. Even people like Anna Faris.