Jennifer Lawrence Apologized To Anna Faris For All Those Chris Pratt Rumors Y’all Started

The worst news of 2017 thus far – besides Donald Trump becoming President and McDonald’s getting rid of Orange Hi-C – has to be Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announcing their split. The two, who were seemingly funny and perfect together, announced recently that their relationship would no longer continue and that they would, however, continue to raise their son together.

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Numerous rumors appeared in the media as to why this comedically brilliant couple was headed to splitsville and frankly, everyone decided it would be a great time to stir the f*ck out of some celebrity drama. Pratt’s last big movie was starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence, whom which he had incredible chemistry. And, you know how everyone can be when two celebrities work well together. It’s not like they’re doing their job and making millions of dollars to look like they are a match made in heaven or anything – nope, they’re definitely boning behind-the-scenes. Right, totally.

Even before Faris and Pratt announced their split, rumors were circling that on set, Lawrence and Pratt had definitely done the nasty. Can you imagine being a wife and hearing from thousands – millions – of people that your husband is cheating on you? I don’t think I could ever be married to someone famous for this reason alone, having your business aired in the spotlight and media constantly is something I’m just not cut out for. And, when you have a child with the person, it’s really hard to handle. While both Pratt and Faris denied the cheating rumors to be the reason they had gone their separate ways – Faris opens up about everything in her new book, “Unqualified.”

The book is about basically herself, her life and all the in-betweens of growing up, acting and marriage, of course. But, the biggest shocker in the novel to some will be that although Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt didn’t “do it” on set – she still apologized to Faris for the media spiral of rumors coming her way.